Grumpy in the 3rd trimester

Well, I have finally made it to third trimester, and it has been a struggle. The first trimester was the usual nausea and feeling horrible. My second was filled by mental health issues. I’ve arrived at my third feeling tired, big and over it.

I now have 8 weeks to go and I feel tired and full of aches. Back ache, pelvic girdle pain, feet….. Moan moan moan is all I do!

I know I am lucky to be pregnant. And I keep being told to enjoy these last weeks. I also don’t have plans for a third baby after this so I won’t be doing it again. I’ve found I am feeling guilty because of this.

I should be:

  • Really happy, and I am. Just not outwardly.

  • Thinking my body is doing a wonderful thing. And it is, but it hurts.

  • Enjoying the last few weeks. How do you do that?

I should be feeling smiley and joyful, shouldn’t I?

Well, it’s hard, so I’m going to get the negatives out of the way now. Sometimes you just need to let it all out before you can move on to a more positive mindset. Feel free to join in...

I’ve gone from being very active to it hurting when I walk and not being able to move without making a noise.

My little boy pushes against the front of my bump most of the time so I feel big and uncomfortable.

I miss running and can only just manage a walk now before being crippled.

My yoga teacher training is having to halt until I get my fitness back.

I feel breathless a lot and it makes me feel horribly huge and unfit, although I do know that this is the baby causing this.

I’m tired by 7pm so I’ve become a grumpy wife.

Heartburn is a bitch.

Feeling all these things makes me feel guilty. And mama, we don’t need any extra guilt adding to our mindsets. So how am I overcoming these feelings to stay sane in the third trimester? With a balanced approach of course.


When I am feeling frustrated, annoyed or uptight I take 5 mins for some lovely deep breathing. Five minutes with your eyes closed while counting your breath for 4 seconds in and out can do you the world of good. It helps you to become present and to get out of your head.


Get those feelings out! I write down all the things that are making me feel horrible, tired, ill and generally annoyed and grumpy. If you have a journal this is a great thing to write in there, if not get a notebook or even write on a scrap of paper, you can screw it up after. Getting down your feelings is a well known successful approach to ridding yourself of negativity.


Or your chill song, or your calm song. A song you really love which connects with you and makes you feel good.


If you are feeling like I am doing then you may be restricted by how much movement you can do. Do what you can. Exercise has proven mental benefits and you can let all those feelings go as you move your body. Of course I would always suggest some gentle yoga to stretch your body. I also find a walk or some swimming is also a nice release.


Its currently February so not much sun around here however on those days it does make an appearance I make sure I get some sun on my skin. If not, I get out anyway as fresh air certainly clears your head and makes you feel grateful.


Write down all the things you are thankful for. I’m thankful to be starting a natural, holistic birthing class this week and I’m thankful that this whole pregnancy is nearly over and I’ll meet my baby soon! I’m thankful that I’m getting closer to a glass of wine.


I always feel better after a hug from my little boy but hugs from anyone you love always make the world seem better.

If you are feeling guilty, grumpy or just generally fed up, give my tips a try and I hope you’ll find yourself in a calmer, more balanced mindset because of it. Please share any more tips that you have in finding balance and letting go of the guilt!