I'm not fat, I'm pregnant; 1st trimester fashion

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Isn’t the first trimester a shit time when you should be feeling like it’s glorious?

Why is it shit?

  • You feel horrible

  • You can’t eat

  • You’re nauseous

  • The smell of bacon/coffee/insert any food here is turning your stomach

  • And what is that taste in your mouth by the way?

Joyous times! Add to that the fact that you can’t tell anyone you are pregnant and that you may look a little fat (rather than pregnant) and those first few months are a challenge for anyone.

As I’m pregnant with my second, I started looking ‘fat’ at about eight weeks and by 12 weeks I was definitely showing with a tiny bump, but as I wasn’t ready to share my news yet with the wider public, I’ve had to get creative with my dressing to hide the tummy. As someone who likes a tight t-shirt and a tight dress, I’ve had to fight my instinct and go for clothes that are a little more flowy. And by flowy, I do not mean tent-like.

If you are looking for some hide-your-bump inspiration then I’ve been rocking the below mama to be looks until I am ready to dress that fabulous bump:


I really like this look for covering a tiny baby bump. Comfy and cosy, a slouchy knit will have you looking chilled, chic and not looking preggers at all.


Layering is your friend in early pregnancy and good as we head into those chillier months but easy in summer also. I really like this simple look of a cami, denim shirt and duster coat in millennial pink. Not a bump in sight!


The power of the stripe on an early pregnancy body is great, it will elongate it. Having a key item, such as one with stripes, will also take the focus away from your growing belly. Go for vertical stripes rather than horizontal.


A fab smock dress will see you from week nine to week forty and a printed one looks great. Pick a dress without a seamed waistband, as this can look weird as your bump gets bigger, and pair with heels or boots depending if you are dressing up or down.


A good old swing top will hide that early bump a treat and if you can still fit in your old jeans, result! I bought a few camisoles and tops that I could wear with jeans and a cardigan. You’ll wear these tops in the fourth trimester when you are losing your baby tummy and they show those shapely arms you can still achieve in pregnancy.


Cardigans will be your friend throughout pregnancy but especially in early pregnancy. Cardigans cover your bump easily, pair them with a loose top and create a relaxed vibe. You’ve probably got a few hanging around in your wardrobe too so can save yourself some money by reusing what you have.

I’ve built an early pregnancy wardrobe out of all those looks and will continue to wear them as my bump gets bigger. I’m trying not to buy so much maternity clothing, but I have found some bargains in the sales. Mainly some body con dresses, jeans and clothes that will see me beyond pregnancy. How have you been hiding your bump?