Staying sane in early pregnancy

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Oh how delightful it is to be in the stages of early pregnancy. Of course you’re overjoyed to be pregnant but it’s a time that is as equally unsettling as it’s exciting. I’m pregnant with my second and it’s as much of a roller coaster of emotions as it was with my first (a now fabulous three year old rock star in the making).


Even if you've been trying a while, you can't help but get a shock when you see those two blue lines! For me, as it was my second, I woke up early on the day after my missed period and just knew I was pregnant. Cue the very glamorous test taking in Sainsbury's toilets!

Finding out with my first wasn't any more charming either, I did a pregnancy test because I randomly found one when clearing out the wardrobe and was rather surprised to find it positive. It left us in state of shock all day! But, how your heart skips a beat when you find out. Skips with relief, excitement and worry all at the same time.


Sickness, sore boobs, cramps, dizziness, tiredness and irritability, welcome to pregnancy! That first trimester is hard. I've had really bad nausea with both pregnancies and some weird food aversions. Sparkling water is a saviour. It starts to ease up as you head into your second trimester. And the tiredness, oh the tiredness! I've gone from running/gym-ing five times a week to being satisfied if I've been active three times, and often giving myself a rest from it completely! But, now I’m starting to feel better I’m hoping I can continue being as active as possible throughout. I have to say exercise has helped with the tiredness and sickness, just get a really good sports bra for those sore boobs. Which, by the way, do not seem to be reducing in soreness!


It is so hard keeping your pregnancy a secret! As a bit of a party girl I've had to avoid going out as it would just be too obvious if I wasn’t drinking. I had to come up with lame excuses a couple of times, which I'm sure aroused suspicion. Apparently saying you are on antibiotics is code for being pregnant now so you can't use that. I actually said I'd stopped drinking to try and get pregnant (thanks Jen for that advice)! It did work at the time but the friends who were involved have since said it did make them suspicious. So this just proves if you’re a seasoned drinker it’s a good reason to cut down on drinking before you get pregnant so it's not so obvious when you do stop! Other excuses I've used are: having to work early in the morning, a sick child, a stomach bug, no child care and being on a cleanse diet. I’ve also fake drunk on one occasion (order a drink and never actually drink it).


A great time to work out how you manage your time is in early pregnancy. Prepare yourself for working a flexible life after baby and during pregnancy where you will get tired and don’t want to spend all your time at work. You can feel very productive, balanced and sane by integrating a structure of work for yourself and sticking to it. I’m productive and successful by having clear to do lists, booking time out in my diary to get work done, declining meetings that don’t have a purpose, not getting involved in instant messenger and only checking emails four times a day rather than constantly. There is no better time to get yourself in a good place from a work point of view, than in early pregnancy.


With my first I didn’t really show until about 18 weeks however at 12 weeks with my second I had a small bump! By eight weeks I couldn't wear the same tops or my old jeans or trousers so I’ve had to hide a bumpy bulge for a fair few weeks.

How I hid my bump when I couldn’t tell anyone I was pregnant:

  • I wore low cut jeans and put away all my high waisted, mom styles.

  • Leggings are your friend, I mean, when aren’t they?

  • Swap tight t-shirts for loose ones

  • Camis and cardigans make a good casual outfit

  • I’ve been wearing lots of dresses, obviously not bodycon ones.

  • Find more tips here (insert link to early preg fashion post)

I'm happy now that everyone knows and my bump is a bit bigger so I can wear all the lovely maternity clothes I’ve bought in the ASOS sale!


I really didn’t appreciate all that lovely time I had to myself before I had children. If you are pregnant with your first, then lady, read all the books and magazines you want, go to the gym loads, enjoy peeing in private and see your friends lots. Of course you can still do this after baby, just not as much of it and your days of peeing in private are over. If it’s your second, like me, or third, or fourth then girls, we need to take what we can. I find I’m so tired by the time my toddler goes to bed at 7pm it’s all I can do to sit and watch Bake Off or read a book. Although I have been known to head to the gym on an evening so consider myself doing ok. I make sure I take my breaks at work, stop for a regular cuppa and get my fitbit steps up, this all counts as me time once you have kids.


For mums and mums to be then you need to appreciate what a key bit of me time your lunch hour, or half an hour is. So, take what you are entitled to rather than wolfing down a sandwich at your desk. It’ll make you so much more productive in the afternoon and give you a cheeky hour of me time. A joyous hour all to yourself, and how to spend it!? Over the past few months I have used my lunch hour for the following:

  • A regular 5k run (check showers at work first)

  • A lunchtime yoga class

  • A 30 min walk in the sun (or clouds)

  • A browse in Topshop without a little screaming or wanting your attention

  • Lunch with my mum

  • A good gossip with friends

  • Visited an art gallery

  • Read my book in a quiet place

  • Had a 15 min nap on the breakout space sofa

Your lunch break is your time. Your time to think, recharge and relax.

I’m sure there are so many more ways to keep sane in early pregnancy both at work and outside of work. How do you spend your lunch hour and how have you kept sane during early pregnancy?