Surviving Christmas when pregnant

Christmas is almost upon us and as a party girl I’ve kind of been dreading December. December for me usually means all the parties, all the prosecco and everything that comes with that. But, being pregnant means all those parties and prosecco are out!

Of course you can still go to parties if you want, but you soon lose your sense of humour talking to drunk people for hours. Christmas can be a stressful time for many too, with so many people to please and see, presents to buy and parties to survive. Add to that all those pregnancy hormones rushing around your body, and Christmas can fill you with stress!

So, if your pregnant this Christmas, here’s my guide on getting through it with your sanity in check:


This will be bumps first Christmas and the next time Christmas rolls around you’ll have your gorgeous baby! I’d recommend for some cute and cosy festive knits. Celebrate your bump this Christmas!


If you can’t be partying your socks off then go all out cosy. Get snuggled with cosy blankets, thick socks, some pretty candles, a cuppa and enjoy a mini hibernation.

Start a new box set or series (or several)

Those dark evenings are perfect for getting cosy and stuck into a new series. It’s also a nice break from the constant Christmas films playing, at least that is what happens in our house!


Oh it’s so easy to just stay sat down and not move at this time of year! But it’s so important to keep active and healthy for you and your baby. So make sure you are sticking to your gym classes, heading to yoga or keeping up to your walks throughout the cold months. Exercise is proven to help your mood and will balance out the Quality Streets you’ve been devouring. Life is all about balance, right?


Wrap up warm and get outside. Whether you nurture your nesting instinct tidying the garden or explore some beautiful countryside, fresh air is going to make you feel a whole lot better, and can really help with nausea. Getting outside in nature is proven to reduce stress symptoms and a cold winter's day walk can be very life affirming.


The trick to surviving parties when pregnant is to be selfish. Some parties are unavoidable but you can make it bearable. Get glammed up so that you feel amazing. Feeling special will certainly help you feel good at a party. Find yourself a non-alcoholic tipple that can be served in a nice class. Stay long enough to hear the gossip but leave when you get tired. Don’t feel bad. You have permission!


If you don’t fancy a party, why not suggest to your friends to meet for a pre-christmas brunch, trip to a market or a wreath/other creative activity workshop. Now is also a great time to start some of your own Christmas traditions that you’ll want to continue once your baby is herE.


If you don’t want to go to a party, say no. Pregnancy is a time to put yourself first so if you’d rather have an early night then do it!! There will be other parties and get togethers next year. So don’t feel guilty at saying no.


Throughout Christmas you’ll no doubt be indulging, but remember the old adage ‘eating for two’ is now a bit old hat. When you aren’t enjoying a mince pie, a few choccies or a pudding, eat plenty of fresh fruit and veggies. Have easy to grab healthy snacks in your cupboard and make the most of a relatively healthy, booze free Christmas.


Oh how we love to create time for yourself! Whether you are on your first pregnancy or fifth, mummy needs time to chill. This is so important after all the shopping, wrapping and entertaining you’ll find yourself doing. Carve out some time to have a lovely long bath, read a book or do some yoga. Treat yourself.


This Christmas, slow down, and let others look after you. If you are anything like me you rush around trying to be Ms Perfect for most of the year so when people ask if you want help, say yes! Yes to cleaning the house. Yes to wrapping presents. Yes to a cup of tea. Take it easy, have a nap and get someone else to do the washing up.


Just think how amazing it will be to be hangover free on New Year’s Day! I am usually ruined by this point in the holidays, so this year I’ll enjoy feeling very holy as I bounce (okay roll and groan) out of bed and enjoy a New Year’s Day walk and roast dinner, without the usual self analysis of my life choices and associated doom due to too much excess!

Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy new year from OM, Operation Mama.