Why join a yoga class?

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Are you thinking about joining a yoga class but perhaps are a bit nervous, not sure what to expect or whether it’s for you? Let me share with you that yoga is for everyone!

You do not need to be flexible already or have any experience to start yoga. It will change your life! It changed mine.

If you are pregnant and wondering if yoga is for you, then yes it is. You will get so many benefits from it!

Coming to a class will give you some me time. You’ll relax, rest and connect with your body and baby.

You will get time to relax, just for you and your baby. A lovely chill.

Yoga helps you manage your mental health, helping relieve any anxiety or depression symptoms.

We often lose a sense of self in pregnancy and yoga helps you to become aware of your body, your life force and to understand and build your strength.

Yoga will make space in your body, helping to create room to breathe as baby gets bigger.

You will sleep and breathe better after yoga.

It will help to increase your stamina and help you prepare for birth.

And it will relieve aches and tension in those achy muscles that are working so hard at the moment.

Plus you’ll meet lots of other mummys to be, have a nice chat and maybe make some new friends!

Perhaps you'd like to try yoga before coming to a class? Then click here to get your free yoga class and also sign up to my online course.

What about once you have had your baby? Well, yoga has a huge part to play in your recovery.

Postnatal yoga will help you recover from birth and day to day mothering, it will honour the amazing job you have done in birthing your baby and how incredible your body is. It will honour how incredible you are as a mother.

Coming to a class will restore energy in your body and help you feel like yourself again and love your post baby body.

It will release achy muscles through gentle stretching and bring back strength to your postpartum body.

Yoga will restore your core, rehabilitate your body and pelvic floor and help your hormones to settle down.

The mental benefits of postnatal yoga are huge, from a supportive community to giving you time to relax and switch off. Yoga helps with any anxiety, baby blues, exhaustion and depression.

Through doing yoga postnatally you are being kind to yourself and looking after yourself, so that you can look after others.

Yoga helped me physically and mentally while pregnant and in the postnatal period, its helped me recover from anxiety and depression. And I can help you, please get in touch if you’d like to join a pregnancy or postnatal yoga class. Namaste mama!