Congratulations on becoming a mama!

Your postnatal recovery should be all about rehabilitation and you should focus on rest in the first few weeks.  Life has changed for you drastically and your body as done the most amazing thing. You can see some tips for the 4th trimester on my blog.

My postnatal classes are designed with rehabilitation in mind and I will welcome you from 6 weeks post birth or 12 weeks if you have had a cesarean birth.  There is no upper time limit to my classes, you are forever postnatal.  You can feel confident and comfortable that an experienced Yogi and a qualified postnatal yoga teacher is teaching you.

We will focus on gentle yet progressive movement, stretching your body to relieve stiff and tired muscles.  Postnatal yoga will greatly improve your physical and emotional wellbeing at this incredible time in your life.

Other benefits of postnatal yoga with Operation: Mama are -

Relieving aches and pains.

Increase energy.

Reduce stress and anxiety.

Help to restore the core.

Stabilise the pelvic floor.

Rehabilitation support and community.

Classes run in 6 week terms on a Tuesday 1030am at East Ardsley Community Centre and online.  It is £48 for 6 weeks, you can attend for as many terms as you wish.  

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